Monday, December 24, 2012

My Christmas List Part 2

  1. A monopoly game for Lindsay Lohan.  It has two get out of jail free cards
  2. A gift certificate for Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz to the Cathay House
  3. A haircut for Liberal head honcho wanna be Justin Trudeau
  4. Justin Bieber’s hair for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  5. A key to the City of Winnipeg for Sandy Shindleman, he owns everything else in town
  6. A plaque for both Premier Greg Sellinger and Sam Katz quoting George Costanza, “its not a lie if you believe it”
  7. Sam Katz’s Winnipeg home for Bomber’s Joe Mack so he can stay the winter and Sam can spend the winter in his Phoenix home (Oh yeah he does that anyway)
  8. Miles Gorrell and Chris Walby in their prime playing in front of Buck Pierce
  9. For NHL players and owners to switch places and start the negotiations over again
  10. Grace for those who are offended to hear Merry Christmas and to all a good night

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