Saturday, February 4, 2012

Have you seen any good QR code uses

QR codes are becoming the new black.

In browsing through a Saturday edition of the Winnipeg Free Press there were 10 ads that contained qr codes.

Using my blackberry messenger scanner I clicked on all 10. First off, I had success scanning only half of them. I couldn't get the others to produce a result even with using a different scanner called I-nigma.

Here is some food for thought for three of those qr codes:

1. For the Ballet featuring the next show, shoot a short video with the the principal dancer or say artistic director discussing the show.

2. To the car dealer, how about a video of happy car buyers or how about a click on the qr code take me to a page and win an oil change with a 40 point inspection all for just leaving my contact information.

3. For the educational facility looking for students, have the qr code take me to a video of the school and what you offer. Or how about a video of students and why they choose your institution to attend.

I have yet to see an ad with a qr code that has done anything more than send me to the main website. I have seen a qr code on a bus board and thought, "what was the marketing manager thinking". But I digress.

Leave the shiny new digital marketing tool off your ad if your website address is in the ad.

Tony Mariani