Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Budweiser And The Buddy Cup

George Parker from Adscam/The Horror Blog wrote about Budweiser and their new Facebook project.

I can just see how this plays out.  Drunk guy in bar trying to clink mugs with girl and then goes and creeps her out on Facebook.

What happen to make friends the Norm way?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Random Thoughts For The Week

Want to know if the company you are considering to deal with has lousy customer service?  
Call them and see how hard it is to speak to a live person.  
By the way, Manitoba Telephone System, your customer service sucks.

I hate websites who have chat functions and pop up asking me if they can help me.  
I can click on “contact us” if I want your help.

I also hate pop up ads that test every bit of your sanity trying to close the ad.  
Make it that hard and out of spite I won’t shop at your place.  And stop using pop ups.

Please don’t tell me that “facebook” is where everyone is and you have to be there.  

Facebook, like Twitter is not an advertising strategy, it’s a tool.

Why are you sending me to your Facebook page and not your website!

On Facebook likes, can you pay your bills with them?

Last point about likes, you liked Petro Canada's page.  Now realistically, how many times have you been back?

Read this one in a blog and I paraphrase, “social media and the digital  has allowed millions of us to express ourselves through blogs and blog talk radio. It has fragmented traditional media”.  Right (Dr. Evil voice). 

Yes the newspaper model is broken and there are some challenges but radio still reaches 94% of the population and even with all the TV channels, more people are watching TV than ever before.  

Fragment that.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Traditional Media VS Smartphone Use

Wayne Ens from Ensmedia.com recently wrote a post on SmartPhone use and a report published by eMarketer.  

eMarketer help online media people sell more digital media, published this research in one of their releases.  

Actions taken Q4 2010

Sourcing the document quoted at the bottom of the graph, Wayne discovered the following: 

"Traditional media were the biggest motivation for beginning a search on a SmartPhone, followed by word-of-mouth."

With respect to Mark Twain, "The death of traditional media has been greatly exaggerated".

You can find the full eMarketer report here

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Ad Contrarian: The Data Delusion

The Ad Contrarian: The Data Delusion: Systems in extremis often delude themselves into believing they are something they are not. Our educational system has convinced itself ...