Thursday, July 29, 2010

To Laura Ramsay, Director of Marketing, Primus

Just curious about this mailer you sent me. Judging from paper stock and addressed envelope, this mailer was expensive.

Ms Ramsay, I am a Primus customer and you send me my bill electronically. I am not sure why you wouldn't have sent me an email telling me of this offer.

There are some tremendous email marketing programs that would have saved you a lot of trees. And I am betting your redemption for the 25 AIR MILES via email is probably 10 times the industry standard of 2-3% on direct mail.

And regarding the call to action, the phone number should go directly to what you want me to do, not to your main number that I have to now press 1, press 2, press 3. The frustration level rises with each number one has to push.

Tony Mariani

Friday, July 2, 2010

Which means

What you should always ask when writing an ad.

To often, sales reps cave to what the owner wants in the ads which is usually a list of platitudes. This is where the line "which means" should come into play.

Michele Miller of shares how she used these two words for a client in her blog post, "Ad Copywriting: The One Question You’re Probably Not Answering".

Tony Mariani