Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lost TV Ads From SNL

One of the funniest things on TV was the old SNL spoof TV ads.

I wish I could say that these two ads where from the show. Sadly they are not.

The only thing good thing I can say about the first one is; are those a set of Calloway golf clubs in the garage next to the hockey sticks

And in this one are his collar buttons done up?

Tony Mariani

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Strength Of Outdoor Media

Whether its billboards, busboards or transit, why do companies insist on cluttering their ads with to much information.

And in some cases the print is to small to read. Keep in mind how high up billboards are. You don't want your print to look jibberish.

Be careful of the background colors that your copy isn't lost in it.

Rule of thumb: 5 to 7 words max and don't try and tell me a story. Before anything gets printed for goodness sake, use spell check!

Outdoor media does a tremendous job to reinforce the brand.

Tony Mariani

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are You Paying To Much For Your Yellow Pages

I am not sure why anyone would want to launch another Yellow Pages, Super Pages or whatever pages. I didn’t even know there was a new competitor to the yellow pages until a client showed me the new EZ Phone Finder book.

In the days of rotary phones, the yellow pages ruled.

Today my phone book levels the work bench in the garage.

Yellow pages are a service directory. It was and is used for emergencies.

You had a plumbing problem, you would call everyone in the book until someone came and fixed it. You didn’t care if they were Hare Krishnas. You want the problem fixed NOW.

The internet has changed the yellow pages. So why are you are still spending huge dollars in a book that sits closed 99% of the time.

It’s to late for this year, so print off this column and next year when your yellow page rep comes to sell you again, here are just a few questions to ask:

1. How do consumers use the yellow pages

2. Explain in column listings and display listings.

3. Share some success stories and of those success stories how many of those businesses were in the panic caller business.

4. Are there marketing dollars that manufacturers pay for where my business can be listed.

5. What are trade service listings.

6. Are their market research reports of usage of yellow pages.

Think of the top five businesses advertising today. Now take a look in the yellow pages and see if those businesses have full page color ads. Chances are its a column listing with their logo and list of addresses.

If you are using big colorful ads in more than one category, your money could be better spent especially if you are also using traditional media.

Here is a good exercise if you are spending money in the yellow pages. Open the book to your business and have a look at the ads around your business. If you cover up the name of your competitors, do all the ads look the same?

Tony Mariani

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Value of Each Viewer, User Or Customer

Thank you to Mark Ramsey from http://www.hear2.com who first featured Gary Vaynerchuk.

The power of the internet and social media according to Gary Vaynerchuk.

Enjoy and please leave your comments on the video.

Tony Mariani

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How To Write A Commercial

If you are looking for a great 30 minute teleseminar for free and from one of the best in the copy writing business, click on this link and download it.

Dan O'Day is a radio guru and (www.danoday.com)is real good at what he does. He shares some great exercises and strategies that you can add to your own writing talents.

And please put them to use so that I will stop this bad habit of yelling at the TV and Radio when really bad ads come on. Hopefully this will rid me of what Dr. Martin von Nostrand is calling, "People Don't Talk Like That In Real Life Condition"!!!

And just for fun click on Dan's Amazing Commercial Generator and have some fun.

Tony Mariani

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Even A Newspaper Ad Can Have To Much Info

Here is a good example of a car dealer using a great idea and not knowing when to stop adding to it.

This is a tremendous initiative to show that you care about the community helping youth groups to fund raise. For that you get a 10.

The execution, if I can be brutally honest (ala American Idol judge Simon Cowell) you get a 3.

And I would think the newspaper rep (and marketing agency if involved) should take the blame too.

In a nutshell the ad explains that the dealership has sectioned off the showroom into three quadrants and invited charities to research a vehicle (??)and then create a display (more ???). Customers will vote on the best display. Each group gets a cash donation and the grand prize winner a grand prize.

But this should have been two separate ads.

Allot a half page to selling cars.

The other half, your "Best Dressed Showroom Display". Use pictures of the charities involved with their spokespeople explaining the concept.

Two different messages, two different ads.

The way it is looks like a bad toupee.

Tony Mariani