Saturday, March 7, 2009

Even A Newspaper Ad Can Have To Much Info

Here is a good example of a car dealer using a great idea and not knowing when to stop adding to it.

This is a tremendous initiative to show that you care about the community helping youth groups to fund raise. For that you get a 10.

The execution, if I can be brutally honest (ala American Idol judge Simon Cowell) you get a 3.

And I would think the newspaper rep (and marketing agency if involved) should take the blame too.

In a nutshell the ad explains that the dealership has sectioned off the showroom into three quadrants and invited charities to research a vehicle (??)and then create a display (more ???). Customers will vote on the best display. Each group gets a cash donation and the grand prize winner a grand prize.

But this should have been two separate ads.

Allot a half page to selling cars.

The other half, your "Best Dressed Showroom Display". Use pictures of the charities involved with their spokespeople explaining the concept.

Two different messages, two different ads.

The way it is looks like a bad toupee.

Tony Mariani

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