Monday, September 24, 2012

A No Guilt Signal

I hate it when my government run liquor store asks me to donate.

But how can I say no at checkout with a line full of people staring at me?  When I hear someone in front of me say no, I get a little taller but usually cave when its my turn.

There should be some sort of "NO" signal to the cashier.  A yawn, scratching of the head or pretending to be on the phone.  Oh wait, the phone thing won't work because there is always some yahoo in front of me on the phone.

The best no would be for the government run retail store just not ask.  I donate every day when I buy something: its called taxes!  You use the taxes and donate.

And if I wanted any more guilt, I wouldn't call my mother for a day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Radio Is A Great Now Medium

Thanks to George Kennedy at for sharing this great radio ad.

A Ford Dealership in Fort McMurray, Canada, had a robbery and the owner used the event for the basis of his next radio ad.
You have to love the creativity of the business owner and the immediacy of radio.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When Price Is An Issue

"Price is never the issue, unless it is the issue.  And when price is the issue, it is the only issue."

From the book, Becoming Preferred, by Michael Vickers

If your business is based on the lowest price the road to profit is a long climb.  There will always be somebody who will sell for less and you will find yourself cutting your profit margin to compete.

When your ads focus on lowest price you are simply telling the buying public to shop around.  Instead your ads should focus on why the buying public should buy from you.  When what you sell solves a problem or fills a need, price is not the deciding factor.

When price is the issue, it is the only issue and there will always be a Walmart to undercut you.