Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Resolutions

To all NHL hockey players, that your contracts contain a clause that you are not to operate a camera, smart phone or gun without an adult’s supervision

To any and all politicians, that you will not use the word transparency

To Bruce Jenner, Joan Rivers, Kenny Rogers, NO MORE PLASTIC SURGERY!

To Wes Craven, another Nightmare on Elm Street sequel starring Bruce Jenner as Freddy, Kenny Rogers as Freddy’s twin and Joan Rivers as sister Frida

To Power 97 new morning show co-host TJ Connors, no references to Miami

To Cam Carson Power 97 morning show replacement, no more ov glove references

To Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz that you will use the disgraced Mayor's holiday serving set in your new restaurant at the Goldeye's Ball Park 

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