Sunday, January 9, 2011

Customer Service the new marketing

I believe I heard the phrase, "All the advertising and marketing in the world will correct the problems inside your business", from the Wizard of Ads, Roy Williams.

Customer service is the new marketing.

That bad customer experience is now through a click of a mouse sent to thousands of people right now.

Just like Robert Doner and his company,

Tony Mariani


Dan said...

No question customer service and marketing are interdependently linked. Zappos Shoes is the poster child for turning customer service into a marketing bonanza. So has the Comcast Cares Twitter page - a function of Comcast's service group - which has really helped improve Comcast's brand and reputation. And in the social media age, listening - a cornerstone of good customer service and sales - is now a critical part of marketing. Clearly, a helpful customer service rep can garner good will, keep a customer happy, and possibly lead to additional sales.

I like the overlap, but I still think marketing and customer service function differently. Marketing involves creating demand and generating opportunities for sales. This includes promotions, campaigns and advertising - not the typical purview of customer service. In short, customer service and marketing are two sides of the same coin, but you need both operating differently to make money.

fern said...

Yeah! "Customer Service the new marketing" and many company do that nowadays. I believe that companies need to provide good customer service for them to increase your sales and make the customer satisfied with your services. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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