Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another thought on your yellow pages advertising

On the heels of an earlier post regarding the yellow pages, Murray Hill ads another interesting observation.

On his blogpost, Wondering Around Hill writes that "A” Isn’t First Anymore.

"Some businesses are slow to adapt. Or, they just don’t get it. Not too many years ago the trick often used to get your name to show up first in a Yellow Pages directory was to use “AAA” or “A AAA” in the name of the business. But when the use of the directory is in free fall, why bother.

A real local example is “A Aaron Roofing”. Their name places them first under Roofing in the directory but when Google is used to search for “roofers Winnipeg”, they don’t show up on any page of the search. “A Aaron Roofing” could be on the first page of a Google search just by signing up for Google Places. They don’t even have to change their name and, it’s FREE!"

Tony Mariani

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