Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are You Are Wasting Money On Direct Mail

A lot of houses have sold in my neighborhood. Evident from the flyers stuffed in my box from real estate agents who have told me so. Some are printed on some decent stock paper but most on normal paper that you would find in a photocopier.

Some have their pictures on them, some have all their qualifications, their million dollar clubs etc..

One in particular highlighted Bank rates, gift ideas, color schemes and selling your house over the Christmas season. It was more of newsletter. I get it. Stand out from the rest.

Waste of money.

The rationale for using direct mail is that it costs peanuts and one sale will more than cover the costs for years to come.

Your direct mail piece makes no connection with me.

And to the "one hour" company that thinks by hand writing my name and address, with their return address only and an actual stamp is going to work, guess again.

The first time you did get me to open it. Fool me once shame on you.

No fooling the second time and it went right into the garbage.

And as for a referral, don't hold your breath.

Tony Mariani

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