Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CVS Pharmacy Customer Service

I forget when I reached out to CVS Pharmacy online to ask them about instructions to a 4 in 1 Heart Rate Monitor that didn't come with any instructions.

Without the instructions I can't work the darn thing?  

I couldn't find a You Tube video to show me neither.

And before you ask if I googled the instructions, I did and nada!

I have no kids at home to show me how to work this thing  so I sent CVS an email for a set of instructions.  

I mean how long would it take them to email me instructions.

So it was about 7 days ago that I sent the request from their contact page.

A response came today and they need the sku number.

I hit reply and there you go, the sku number.

Now here is the good news.

I should hear back in 5 business days!

What happened to all the engagement and conversation?

I am looking at 12 days for some instructions.

The Pony Express would have had me my instructions in three days!

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