Friday, April 2, 2010

Your brand will leave a mark

As I entered the coffee shop and got in line, I couldn't help but notice the tattoos on the guy's arms just above the back part of his elbows. Odd place for tattoos. Tim was on the right side and on the left was Sarah.

As he turned sideways I then noticed the tattoo of a girl's face beside the name Sarah and suddenly there was Sarah I guess coming back from the bathroom. I don't get the whole tattoo thing but to each his own. Getting rid of the tattoo still leaves a trace.

You still have to admire Tim's commitment. His whole life is going to revolve around protecting that brand despite the fact there is a better than 50-50 chance that brand is going to fail.

Knowing those odds, what are you doing to protect your brand? Do you really have the largest selection in the city?

You can buy all the advertising in the world but if you can't deliver what you say you do, its going to leave an ugly mark.

Tony Mariani

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