Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do you deliver what your ads promise

Here is an ad for DoubleTree Hotels.

Wish I could say my stay was all of that.

United Airlines put 8 of us up at the Double Tree on Ilaff in Denver because the airline caused us to miss our connectors. Airlines have arrangements with hotels so it shouldn't be a surprise when you show up with vouchers.

Sadly it was. Instead of, "Hi and welcome to the DoubleTree Hotel. We are so sorry you missed your flight home but not to worry, we are going to do everything possible to make you feel at home. Can I get you a bottle water or juice while we get you checked in?"

No it was, "credit card and license please. Sign here and the elevator is on the other side of the pillar!"

Calm cool relaxed. Nice positioning statement and claim. You don't deliver the goods.

Tony Mariani

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