Monday, April 21, 2014

Some Random Whys From The Weekend

Why will Evander Kane make 6 million next year?   Jonathan Toews will make 7.5 million and has won two Stanley Cups, an MVP, a world junior hockey championship and a gold medal for good measure.

Why does Hollywood make crappy movies?

Why are you buying into the social media bullshit (thanks B.J. Mendelson for a great book on social media)? Walk the aisles of any store and pick a product social media made.

Why do cellular phone companies and cable companies treat long term customers like garbage?

Why do government offices make it impossible to reach a live person?

Why was my garbage collected on a stat holiday and my recycling was not?

Why did the City of Winnipeg Forestry cut branches down on all the trees on my street but not pick up ALL the branches?  (Thanks for the mess.)

Why do people pierce their ears and leave holes you can drive a semi through?

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