Monday, April 14, 2014

Some Random Whys From The Weekend

Why can’t you find a good set of windshield wipers?

Why do ad agencies insist on turning advertising from an art to a science?

Why do ads use words like, “they say”? Just tell me who they is!

Why isn’t golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez not doing  TV commercials? 

Why does Old Spice produce crappy ads?

Why do politicians use the excuse to increase something on the fact they there hasn’t been an increase in years or better yet, “we are still lowest in the country"?

Why didn’t the tall foreheads not put a dome on Investors Group Field?

Why doesn’t the Winnipeg Blue Bomber football team hire a good public relations person? Staying hush on the water damage is….damaging!

Why does the NHL let players on the shootout come to stop?

Why doesn’t Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz forego on hiring more communications people and hire a good public relations person to help the Mayor with his speeches  so he never again says, “to be honest with you” when answering questions?

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