Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Have you seen your yellow pages lately

It was likely banging your head against the wall. No amount of information, data and figures we would bring out to clients helped us to wrestle some of the yellow pages budget.

Businesses and primarily small businesses (you don't see national companies with big ads in the yellow pages. Its usually just a listing) built the yellow pages empire. But like most things, the time comes when you have outlived your usefullness.

You no longer have to add color to make your ad stand out or increase your ad because your competitor's ad is bigger.

Yellow pages, the passive media, a go to at last resort, the emergency medium has met its match.

Hello Google and Google 411.

Now that $1000 a month you were paying for a yellow pages ad looks a whole lot better on your P & L.

Here is the challenge if you choose to accept it. Lets meet here next year, March 3,2011 and lets compare how many times you used the yellow pages compared to Google.

Tony Mariani

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