Saturday, January 31, 2009

What Sells Cars Today

This full page ad for a car dealer is confusing. I am trying to figure out the relevance of the bride and groom in the ad. They look happy together in one picture and in the other she is running away. I guess to the,The LAST CHANCE....FOR MASSIVE CLEARANCE DISCOUNTS!

How do you use the word massive and then right under it only 5 no make that 4 2008's left!! And whats with the double exclamation points?!!

And I am not quite sure the purpose of the print type for LAST CHANCE. Looks a little tombstonish. Marriage and tombstonish in a car ad. hmmmm

And I wish dealers would stop using star bursts or what ever you call them. And don't get me started on using MSRP and discounts in ads.

These ads may have worked in the 70's but I question their success today. What works today? I think this video will give you some ideas of what your copy should look or sound like.

Tony Mariani

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