Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Medium And The Message

A day doesn’t go by that someone says, “I tried radio and it doesn’t work for my business”.

My reply is always the same. Lets run a radio, TV or newspaper ad and have the message simply say, "the first 10 customers that come down to your place of business will receive $1000 cash with no strings attached period."

Its not what you use (radio, tv or paper) its what you say. Standing on the mountain and espousing about how good isn't the key to success. Telling me in your ads that you have instructed your staff to do what it takes to make a deal today is about as inviting as a tooth ache.

Gauge your message with this simple test. Does your ad speak the way you would speak to your friend? We don’t tell our friends that the friendly and knowledgeable staff helped you to pick out the firm bed. We don’t tell them that the business has been around for 30 years or that there is lots of free parking. No the message needs to engage the customer.

If I can get what you have down the street, all the yelling in your ads, bold claims about how good you are with the largest selection will not make me buy from you. If it’s the lowest price, Walmart will win every time.

Your message should reflect why your customers shop at your store. Are you asking them why? Then when you know why, how to tell them is determined by the amount of money you have allocated for your yearly advertising budget. And if you don't have a yearly advertising budget, don't blame the messenger.

Tony Mariani

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