Wednesday, March 9, 2016

$24,000 lesson

I got voice mail.

I hit zero to get back to the receptionist to have my party paged.

Call was answered by the shipping department.

Thinking goblins in the phone lines, I tried again.

Same thing.

I mentioned that phone problem to the general manager 6 months ago.

Still happens.

Yet this manager is spending $2000 a month on social media posts.

Facebook and Twitter.

So even if I were to notice the posts, what is the first thing I will do?

Check out the website.

Clunky and busy.


"Shipping department".

But spending $2000 on social media.

Facebook and Twitter.

And two of your most important points of contact?


And it cost you $24,000.00.

And no telling how much business you lost.

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