Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who Thought Of The Packaging

Have a look at the packaging on these two items. The rechargeable unit uses a USB to charge. No normal plug. Both packages have a picture of a camera on them. A stretch to think the camera is digital? You would be wrong.

When I unpacked batteries and charger, there tucked in the back operating instructions on the charger. Underlined was the following, "Not recommended for digital cameras".

I called the company. You guessed it. They told me the batteries are meant for regular cameras not for digital.

Logic would think a lot more digital cameras would be selling than regular cameras.

So why would a company spend marketing dollars to feature a camera on their packaging and lead you to think they would work for digital? It ticked me off because I had to go back and stand in a long line to return the items. What a waste of dollars and hurt your perception in the market.

Tony Mariani

ps Last week the radio industry in Winnipeg lost a great personality. QX 104FM's morning man, Ron Able lost his battle with cancer. In an industry with very fragile egos, Ron was a genuine gentleman who gave to both the industry he served for many years and this great city he adopted as his home. Rest in peace Ron.

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